Karin Lindeque
cellphone number 082 829 4427
physical address 382 Gorge Street, Erasmuskloof, Pretoria, 0182
postal address PO Box 41662, Moreleta Ridge, Pretoria, 0044

Introduced in May 2008 as a first of its kind in Africa, the GreenHabitatHanger is a 100% recyclable eco-friendly hanger designed in a bid to curb the endless stream of plastic and wire retail hangers that ends up in South Africa's already overburdened landfills.

GreenHabitatHangers offer an environmentally friendly option that is set to impact on both the retailer as well as the consumer's eco footprint, supporting the global trend towards an increased greener consumer spend.

This space is an excellent platform from which to extend any of your new and existing marketing and advertising campaigns, spreading the brand message via traditional advertising mediums and onto the hangers, straight into the homes of consumers, while at the same time enabling your brand to deliver on a reduced carbon footprint commitment.

From R1.65 per side per hanger your brand will receive full colour brand exposure, with the added advantage of an increased lifecycle expectancy.

These hangers can be customised to accommodate any type of garment from shirts, trousers, skirts and jackets. GreenHabitatHangers are also available in a junior range for baby, toddler and children's clothing.