Give it Bag

Regina Borth / Philip Rüther
telephone number 021 465 98 52
physical address Canterbury Studios / Unit 04, 35 Wesley Street, Cape Town, 8001

Karma, providence, the channelling of universal energy or just plain goodwill, call it what you will,making the world a better place through our actions is the heart and essence of GIVE IT BAG.

Made in South Africa with local labour, GIVE IT BAGs are produced from re-used polypropylen transport sacks that have travelled the world, carrying anything from coffee to food aid.

These sacks are then handpicked, cleaned, cut and transformed into GIVE IT BAGs by a group of South Africans as diverse as the bags themselves. The very nature of this meticulous process means that the attractive and distinctive design of every GIVE IT BAG is unique.

Each bag also has its own personal number, which not only shows that it is unique, but also serves as your own “tag” with which you can use to post any of your own good deeds at

You don’t have to do anything earth shattering, not that we want to hold you back, but every good deeds counts. By posting all of our good deeds, no matter how small, we can inspire others to do the same and help make our world the magnificent place it can be.

Spread the word, share the load!

Our philosophy:

no compromise on desirability and trendiness

beautiful, high fashion & ecoluxury designer bags

fair trade production, locally produced

use of recycled material

part of the profit going towards charity projects and organizations

recording of individual and personal good deeds thanks to a unique number on each bag

building a responsible community of do-gooders

sharing the load