about us

We expose the impact of over-consumption, frenzied accumulation of 'things' and of the damage we cause to the environment because of this way of living. It is our hope to be part of a movement that changes the relationship between business and the environment and between human and living systems so as to create a m ore just and sustainable world.

urban sprout is powered by

turbosprout (aka Glen) erstwhile organic veggie salesman, intrepid garden gnome known to spend Saturdays turning compost; fanatical about relocating snails, caterpillars and others from his perennial kale; enjoys the outdoors, obsessing over intricate details that have no bearing on the greater scheme of things, collector of other people’s trash, and owner of an RSS world domination control panel, brings to urban sprout a balance and sense of calm as well as devastating techie skills.

sproutingforth (aka Wanda) former opera-singing health food nut, who periodically endeavours to take up yoga, even though she cannot touch her toes; avid reader of contemporary fiction who re-uses biodegradable nappy liners at least twice, never follows a recipe, although some of us wish she would, has boundless enthusiasm and cranks up the volume to Bach and Vivaldi whenever alone in the car, brings to urban sprout a touch of madness, marketing skills and a flair for the dramatic. She now coaches over at Work Your Content - a blog to help those who want to market themselves online.

melanie is a hyper-active organizational whiz. She grew up in a family of activists and has always fought for ethical humanity. She tries to be aware of her own choices and fights against her own unthinking behavior. She has the early stages of a veggie garden, a large compost heap and 500 happy worms. When not answering emails, adding listings and doing admin for urban sprout, she spends time with her daughter and represents her class in the PTA. Loves community involvement and alternative forms of economics and freeconomics.

Contributors to urban sprout:

sproutscout (aka Emily) Art student turned economist, passionately practical and interested in anything economically environmental. When the air turns autumn-crisp she yearns for her green polka-dot gumboots and a muddy expanse of organic farm, yet is satisfied with veggie patch at the back of her house (and the background hum of traffic). After being away for four years, she realizes she loves Johannesburg, with its bustle, innovation and adrenaline rush. She spends her time exploring the city, concocting various combinations of chilli/garlic/oil/coffee grinds to spray on her beans and has been known to admire the full moon from her rooftop.

ConsciousBabe (aka Rachel) is a second-generation, urban hippie who attends alternative events with a whole lot of heart and a good pinch of cynicism. The projects ConsciousBabe explores hint at new approaches to living and implicate a new generation of hope through an awakening of care and creative innovation.

'I love so much of the world as it is, but I think a lot more folk need to start making changes in their lives to address the issues us human beings have created – be this the environmental damage, unconscious social interactions or economic tangles. I hope I can inspire other young South Africans to see how exciting it is to be proactive within your community.'