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are you sussed or sassi about your fish?

Submitted by turbosprout on Tue, 2007-07-03 10:56

We recently received the latest copy of the Undercurrents magazine in the post from the Two Oceans Aquarium. I'm not sure how often it is produced but thought the latest issue was really cool; both the layout and the content were spot on. I guess being involved in conservation themselves, the environment is important to the people that work there, and obviously also to those who support the Aquarium. And so Undercurrents was full of info about living more sustainably and minimising our impact on the environment. One of the articles that caught my attention was about SASSI, the South African Sustainable Seafood Initiative.

I'd heard of the Marine Stewardship Council which is an international conservation initiative, but didn't know that there was a local program underway to educate consumers and those in the fish trade about sustainable eating options. I enjoy my fish, but must admit that when eating out I don't really think about where the fish I'm trying comes from, how it was caught, whether it was purchased legally, if it is a species that is endangered because of overfishing etc. Well, now thanks to SASSI, I'll be able to make an informed choice. They've produced a pocket sized guide that can be downloaded from their website along with a larger informational booklet. They also have an SMS service which will let you know whether...

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