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design indaba: dare to design differently

Submitted by turbosprout on Thu, 2007-02-22 17:04

Well it's Design Indaba time again, and I'm very excited to see what eco-organic designs are on offer this time around. Green design is happening in a BIG way around the rest of the world so what is going on in South Africa?

I'm hoping to visit the expo tomorrow to find a few answers. In the meantime I've googled for "design indaba" and found that the expo is aiming to be carbon neutral again, which is really cool.

Design Indaba 10 carries the "Carbon Standard" stamp so the resources used during the event will be offset against planting trees. They plan to offset not only the space, energy and paper used by the event at the Cape Town International Convention Centre, but also the carbon emitted to fly the speakers to the event.

In fact Design Indaba organiser, Interactive Africa, is one of the organisations that founded the Carbon Standard!

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la dolce vita at constantia country living market

Submitted by turbosprout on Thu, 2007-01-25 12:07

Saturday was my third outing as "the organic veggie guy" selling fresh produce at the new Constantia County Living Market at the Cape Academy in Tokai. It was a very slow day, measured in sales, but a fulfilling day nonetheless.

My Mon-Fri job is spent in front of a 17-inch computer screen, hammering out code to automate the testing of software for corporate clients - an activity far removed from the natural world. So how does an IT guy by week, become an organic veggie salesman by weekend and why?

I've been a GIY (grow it yourself) fanatic for a few seasons and also know a few people involved in the organic scene in Cape Town, so when friend and market organiser, Jen Kummer, needed a produce stand for the market I put her in touch with someone who could help. As it turned out he was committed to other markets and, at the last minute, I was offered the job!

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