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cycle to work this ‘transport month’

Submitted by ConsciousBabe on Mon, 2011-10-17 11:19

Bikes from one of BEN's BIC's (bicycle empowerment centres)Bikes from one of BEN's BIC's (bicycle empowerment centres)

Bike to work this Transport Month and be part of the solution.

With most of the worlds population now living in cities, it is no news to say that traffic congestion has become a huge urban problem, as is the pollution and accidents caused by motor vehicles. With the added fear of climate change and peak oil, there has arisen an urgent need for a social shift towards more sustainable mobility use.

The City of Cape Town recognises October as "Transport Month" and last week hosted a couple of events focussing on Public Transport Interchanges (PTI).

A PTI is a facility where commuters can

sasol must quit south africa's cop17 delegation

Submitted by incoming on Sun, 2011-10-16 01:31

Following on from last month's march against Eskom, Earthlife Africa Jhb held a demonstration at Sasol's Headquarters in Rosebank (1 Sturdee Avenue) on Wednesday 12th of October. Sasol continues to be on South Africa's official negotiating team for COP17 and we are extremely disappointed in both Sasol and the Department of Environmental Affairs for continuing this blatant conflict of interest.

The vast majority of scientific studies indicate that the globe must peak its carbon emission somewhere between 2015 and 2020. This will require countries across the globe, including South Africa, to make hard decisions; in particular, prohibiting high-carbon industrial practises. For this reason, it is very hard to see how Sasol can be an honest player in negotiating a low-carbon future for us all, especially as it is the number two emitter in the country.

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south africa to celebrate its first fairtrade week

Submitted by Green Lily on Sun, 2011-10-16 01:10

Ethiopian kids at school funded by Fairtrade premium.Ethiopian kids at school funded by Fairtrade premium.Fairtrade Label South Africa (FLSA) is excited to announce that we will be hosting our first ever Fairtrade Week in South Africa. Running from the 14th-20th November 2011, Fairtrade Week is a national campaign aimed at increasing consumer awareness around Fairtrade.

The campaign’s theme - ‘Taste the Change’ - encourages everyone to learn how Fairtrade is transforming the way to do business in South Africa and Africa, how it creates positive change in farming communities and in the way consumers engage with the product.

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rocking the daisies - how green is green?

Submitted by ConsciousBabe on Wed, 2011-10-12 08:42

Conscious Babe believes youth deserve more of a chance at self-responsibility where the environment is concerned.

A punter rocks a can-top backpackA punter rocks a can-top backpack

Seems that Rocking The Daisies are really putting their money where their mouth is regarding green, setting them apart from your average South African rock festival. Reminiscent of the UK festivals I have attended, I saw numerous green initiatives at the festival this last weekend.

Mathias and girlfriend Zola from MLT drives were giving away solar-popped corn next to the dam, you could charge your phone using the wind generator and some of the stalls were powered by solar power (both provided by Earth Power), a team of 15 were sorting much of the recycling on site, the rest of which was sent to the local Malmesbury recycling centre, all the food stalls used

relief for south africa's pigs in sight

Submitted by incoming on Tue, 2011-10-11 03:03

pic: Compassion in World Farmingpic: Compassion in World FarmingSow stalls are to give way to group housing on deep litter.

Sow stalls for breeding pigs are likely to be phased-out in South Africa by 2020. Confirmation of the date of phase-out is anticipated by the end of November this year, Mr James Jenkinson, board member of the South African Pork Producers’ Organisation (SAPPO) told Compassion in World Farming (South Africa) last week.

Sow stalls are narrow metal cages in which breeding sows are confined. They are so narrow that she cannot turn around and can only stand up or lie down with difficulty. Sow stalls are already illegal in Sweden and in the UK. From 2013, they will be illegal across the European Union and are also being phased out in some states in the US and in New Zealand and Australia.

Compassion in World Farming (South Africa) has led the drive for a

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clothes swaps – more than a fashionable trend

Submitted by ConsciousBabe on Mon, 2011-10-03 13:21

Conscious Babe talks about the clothes swap she hosted last weekend…

Emma tries on as Mira foragesEmma tries on as Mira forages
The idea of a clothes swap – an event where unwanted clothes are swapped for new ones – has been spreading amongst women of the western world during the last few years.
Who knew what sparked off this trend: be it the recession, the spreading of environmentalism, or a silent revolution against the infectious ‘consumerism’ monster, but the implications are countless, from the conscientious shopper aspect to the lightbulb notion of no-money events.

Not only is a clothes swap a great way to interact with other fashionistas in your community, but it also provides women with a very practical opportunity to purge unwanted clothes items, as well as gain new additions to their wardrobe.

It is a generally known cliché that

eco kids environmental film festival a must next week

Submitted by turbosprout on Fri, 2011-09-30 12:12

eco kids film initiativeeco kids film initiativeA great idea whose time has come: environmental films for kids!

The Eco Kids Film Initiative Environmental Film Festival for Kids will be taking place from 3 to 7 October from 10am to 12pm at the Labia on Orange cinema in Cape Town.

Through films that are entertaining, educational, and above all inspirational it is EKFI’s goal to inspire real change through the children of today and generations to come by promoting a proactive strategy to environmental awareness through film as medium.

Each of the films has been selected for their strong environmental theme by a panel consisting of parents, childhood experts, environmental educators and conservationists. We have taken great care to ensure that the films that have made the final selection speak positively to children of diverse ages, backgrounds and cultures and are made for children rather than about children.

Format: Two parallel screening sessions of a selection of short films, taking place daily from

request a climate presentation

Submitted by incoming on Fri, 2011-09-30 09:53

Incoming from Uncle Al:

"24 Hours of Reality taught many important lessons. One of them is this: If you care about the climate crisis, you're not alone.

The live broadcast had over 8.6 million views - and that doesn't count people who watched in large groups, who watched on broadcast television or who tuned in to our video library after the event. But it's still not enough. The 23 people who gave presentations with me in September are more than just activists. They are Climate Presenters I personally trained to talk about the climate crisis in their communities. And there are more than just 23. There are over 3,000.

Bring this presentation to your hometown: Invite a Climate Presenter to deliver a free presentation in your community.

Between October 1 and November 28, the kickoff date for COP 17 - a United Nations conference on climate change - we want to give as many Climate Reality presentations in as many locations around the world as possible. We will create a

raw food: hippie fad or a valid dietary option?

Submitted by ConsciousBabe on Tue, 2011-09-27 12:42

Shining the light on chinese raw food
Filled Fungus and Tempeh SaladFilled Fungus and Tempeh SaladWhen we received the phone call tip-off to attend the EarthShine Chinese-theme raw food evening, Grant (my boyfriend / photographer) and I shared puzzled looks.

"Doesn’t Chinese food use a lot of rice?" asked the only vegan coloured boy in Cape Town.
"… and noodles?" I added. We were curious as to what the evening might bring.

After negotiating a car, we made our way to the Afrikaans Development centre in Pinelands and upon entering, we were greeted by piano music and handed a taster. I take a small bite on my chrysanthemum leaf (tasting somewhat like garlicky cabbage) and marvel at the professionalism of the set-up - I was half expecting some smelly hippies in a cob house.

Tables display health foods in the lobby and clients that are interested mark paper bags to purchase after that evening’s event. Well-dressed attendees mill around nibbling leaves and murmuring pleasantries, while the grand piano plays on. At last we are called inside the auditorium, where chairs have been set up around a table displaying electronic paraphernalia: blenders, mixers, juicers and something called a "dehydrator".

"I used to think it was just a typical hippy fad," says Natalie, one half of EarthShine, as the evening gets underway. "But when I actually ate some raw food I was like ‘wow!’ and had to swallow my words.

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save the rhino on world rhino day

Submitted by turbosprout on Thu, 2011-09-22 12:09

Today (22 Sept 2011) is World Rhino Day and non-profits, business and individuals have come together to raise greater public awareness of the plight of the rhino and also galvanise the action needed to prevent this majestic beast from extinction due to non-sensical consumer demand and human greed.

Rhino poaching has increased by a staggering amount in the last three years. From 2009 to date around 750 animals have been brutally slaughtered for their horns.

According to the WWF, South Africa has lost 287 rhinos in 2011, including at least 16 critically endangered black rhinos. South Africa is home to most of the worlds rhinos and has increased protection for rhino's by stepping up prosecutions and handing down stricter sentances to criminals.

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