be part of greenpop reforest fest 2012

Submitted by incoming on Tue, 2012-04-10 10:20

Last year we planted 1324 trees at the Greenpop Reforest Fest and this year, we're hoping for more. Come and be part of this awesome event!

The Platbos forest is an ancient South African forest jewel and we need to protect it. Over the past decades it has been deforested for agriculture and now is under threat of fire as alien vegetation has taken over substantially. Platbos reforestation project aims to ultimately grow the forest back to its original size and splendor.

We'll be camping in the southern-most indigenous forest in Africa, planting over 1000 trees over the weekend, eating great food, listening to awesome music in the evenings, having loads of fun on a weekend away in the Platbos forest which is near Gansbaai (about an hour and a half from CT). This is a great weekend away for families, couples, friends, students, nature lovers, people who need a break from the city, anyone who loves trees, all appreciators of music - everyone is invited!

Dates: Weekend of 11 to 13 May 2012 (arrive on Friday night after work and leave on Sunday afternoon)

Music to look forward to:
Jeremy Loops and Co
Nate Maingard

What's included:
Tree Planting (tools, demonstration, educational talk, guidance and all trees - these are endemic to the forest and have been grown there in the Platbos nursery)
Awesome music both evenings under the forest canopy
Camping in the forest
Delicious food (all meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch)
Lots of fun and more

Prices (this is an early bird price and is valid for booking made before 25 April):

  • R450 for camping in Platbos forest
  • R275 for under 12s (camping)
  • R510 per person for dorm bed at de Uijlenes farm house down the road
  • R550 per person for a triple room at de Uijlenes
  • R570 per person for a double room at de Uijlenes

Green bus:
The Green Cab has come on board again and is offering a ride to and from the Reforest fest for R150 per person (round trip). Limited space for this.

If you're keen to join us, please fill in the online booking form here (click link, fill in and click SUBMIT at end) and we'll send you an invoice to confirm your booking.

The Reforest Fest Quick Stats from 2011

  • 98 planting volunteers
  • 1324* trees where planted
  • 1456.4 tons of carbon will be sequestrated over these trees life time
  • 8 total hours planting