Bio Baba

Victoria Penfold
telephone number 021 761 8982
cellphone number 083 601 1145

Bio-Baba is an eco-friendly all-in-one cloth nappy.

Made from soft 100% cotton, hemp and breathable PUL outer, the Bio-Baba nappy has a soft cotton flannel inner with 2 layers of hemp toweling sewn in as well as an adjustable liner made from 2 layers of cotton and 3 layers of hemp fleece. The hemp used in the removable ‘Booster Pad’ does all the hard work of the nappy.

So, instead of the waterproof doing the hard work (which it does in other cloth nappies), this pad absorbs all the wetness, wicking it away from babies skin. Hemp is recognized as one of the world’s strongest natural fibers – the more you wash it – the more absorbent it becomes! It also has anti-bacterial qualities and uses no pesticides in its growth.

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