ctgm second edition available now

Submitted by turbosprout on Fri, 2010-06-04 11:46

Second Edition Cape Town Green MapSecond Edition Cape Town Green MapWe've been working on a project with the City of Cape Town's Environmental Resource Management Dept and A & C Maps for the last eighteen months and today we're launching the second print edition of the Cape Town Green Map, ahead of World Environment Day tomorrow. The online map was launched a year ago, and Open Green Map, the global green map system we are affiliated with, is also turning one tomorrow.

It's been a goal of ours to help promote a more sustainable way of living into the mainstream and the new print map will go some way to spread the word: there are alternatives to thoughtless consumption and ensuing environmental degredation. Visit those places and support the shops, markets, eateries, accommodation, tour and transport providers that are doing something to lessen their impact and promote sustainable options. Spend more time in nature. We have a wonderful natural heritage that is under threat from development and intrusion of human activities as well as a changing climate. The greater the number of us that are connected with nature, the greater the political will to preserve it.

This edition of the map lists over 120 sites where you can experience "green" Cape Town. It has new maps, new information boxes, a catchy cover image, and is divided into these sections:

  • great green outdoors - City nature reserves and parks
  • transport - getting around the city with a smaller environmental footprint
  • good food - where to eat organic
  • organic/local markets
  • tours - of the eco-friendly variety
  • sleep well - where to find environmentally responsible accommodation
  • visit - places, centres and projects with a 'green' or environmental theme
  • shopping - stores that focus on eco/organic products

Information boxes highlight local green reads, events, blue flag beaches, recycling and box delivery schemes.

So if you're living in Cape Town, just wanted to let you know to get your copy and visit all the cool places on it. More about the map here and you can download your copy over here.