eskom under pressure in the face of climate change?

Submitted by sproutingforth on Mon, 2007-07-30 13:33

This is the question asked by Steve Thorne, director of SouthSouthNorth and the author of an article posted on Business Day on Friday.

He also wonders whether they have an "interest in creating a smokescreen while an estimated R400m of public money is quietly spent on nuclear, and another vast amount on new coal, power?"

Eskom does seem to have schizophrenic tendencies - just how do they balance making a profit through electricity sales with trying to reduce consumer use of electricity?

It is curious that Eskom is spearheading a solar water heater drive as part of its Demand Side Management (DSM) strategy when there are other projects underway partnering with government and also that this competency has not been passed on to the National Energy Efficiency Agency?

Eskom does have the potential, like it did with the rollout of CFL's, to be a huge driver of change. But as Steve Thorne points out: "as long as solar heated water is consistent with its interests."

Whether its solar water heater programme will be a success story or a green smoke screen to hide the huge spend on nuclear reactors, we'll have to see.

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