gaia food market, a 'plant-based' food sensation!

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fresh organic veg on salefresh organic veg on sale
Despite the recent freaky weather, spring is most definitely in the air and the time is perfect for markets, of which Cape Town has many. One of the most fabulous is the new Gaia food market in the leafy suburb of Constantia. Gaia is another name for ‘mother earth’, and so echoes the natural ethos of the market: natural, organic, healthy, yum and fun!

Perfect for those with gourmet taste-buds and a tendency to sup on nought but vegetables, as well as a great day out for those new to the ‘organic-and-natural’ food scene, this Sunday event is a must for all Cape Townians and tourists alike.

Much-ness of Yummy-ness!Much-ness of Yummy-ness!

It is worth noting that this market only sells ‘plant-based’ produce, which is a fancy way of saying ‘vegan, but with honey’. Forest, the markets organiser, makes sure that everything on sale has been grown and prepared in a ’mindful manner’ and there is an emphasis on fresh and local. You are served by the artisans and merchants themselves, lending the market a real personal feel and allowing you to learn more about products purchased straight from the horses mouth, so to speak.

Who said cutting meat out of your diet meant boring meals? The vast variety of foods sold at the Gaia market is evidence that a bit of creativity can make healthy living a delicious experience. You will have trouble choosing what to lunch on!

This market sells everything from roti’s to thai dumplings, burger patties made from the likes of falafel, sundried tomato and butternet, spiced indian curries, fresh unique salad dishes, layered veggie bakes and of course the raw pizza slices.

So much delicious food to choose from!So much delicious food to choose from!

One could also sip on freshly-made juices and smoothies, nibble on a date-ball, taste the tree nut cheeses or thumb through a book on anarchism. Tribal jewellery is on sale as well as other arts, crafts and home décor.

The Gaia food market is a wonderful chance to stock up on fresh organic vegetables, packets of raw museli and jars of home-pickled olives. Also on sale was a whole variety of dried goods, from sundried tomatoes to dried fruit, yummy-smelling natural soaps, a whole range of delectable homemade relishes, dairy-free pestos and even wheatgrass starter kits.

Our aim is to provide fresh quality foods, made wholesome and naturally,’ the website says. ‘Bring a basket and came do some grocery shopping like in the good old days!

The next Gaia Food Market is on this Sunday 20th November. at Alphen Hall in Constantia. For online location map, click here

a ravishing row of relishesa ravishing row of relishes

Photos by Grant McPherson. Thanks babe!