gm tainted organic food

Submitted by turbosprout on Mon, 2006-10-23 14:55

iwisa: gm maizeiwisa: gm maizeI recently came across this list of genetically modified soya and maize products available in SA and was shocked to see just how many of the random sample contain traces of GM. As can be seen from the results published by the GMO Testing Facility at the University of the Free State, there are no guarantees that even if your soya / maize product is labelled "organic" that it is GMO free!

Most of the unlabled soya / maize products contained GM, including the following lables: Ace, Blue Bird, Iwisa, Knorr, Impala, Nutribev, So Fresh.

76% (10 out of 13) soya products labled as either non-GM, GMO-free or Organic contained GM!

50% (2 of 4) maize products labled as free from GM or as Organic contained GM!

As a consumer in this country I'm not warned which products contain GM: I am unable to make an informed choice. I can go ahead and munch on my mielies, eat "stywe pap" and swig soya milk without having a clue that I'm ingesting GM! I'm really angry that the government does not require proper labling of GM food.

It makes me even madder yet to think that I'm buying organic soya only to read that it's tainted with GM.

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