greening it up - fri 02 mar 07

Submitted by turbosprout on Fri, 2007-03-02 13:04

Anyone smell a plastic-gate scandal? We've been paying levies on plastic bags for close on four years during which the Department of Environment Affairs has been receiving R20 million a year to set up plastic buy-back centres across the country. According to Environmental Minister Marthinus van Schalkwyk, "the [not for profit] company has established over 10 buy-back centres nationally".

4 years. R80 mil. 10 buy-back centres (anybody seen them?). Does not compute. Cost to the environment? [IOL]

Woolworths have pulled some lines of pet food from their shelves after they were found to be contaminated. Their branded dry dog and cat food contained traces of ethylene-glycol, a type of coolant, apparently originating from a supplier in Europe. [IOL]

Makes you shudder. Coolant in pet food? For more gory details of what else makes it's way into pet food check out the latest Biophile magazine.

What comes to mind when you see these words: fuel, spill, airport?

OR Tambo! Again?!! As if three weren't enough: July 2005, Sept 2006, Nov 2006. Now another. Admittedly this time Denel subsidiary Turbomeca Africa is to blame. And the land is adjacent to OR Tambo. And they've apparently cleaned up the mess without it devestating an entire eco-system. Still it does serve to remind - whatever happened to the criminal neglect charges filed against ACSA? [IOL]