greening it up – gyo, renewable energy creates jobs, carbon tax won’t reduce emissions, and coca-cola's hybrid trucks

Submitted by sproutingforth on Mon, 2009-01-19 10:15

pic: your own. As we feel the pinch as shoppers, more of us are turning our manicured lawns into vegetable patches. If the burning trend in the UK is anything to go by, mirrored by a parallel escalation in Cape Town, suburbia will soon become a source of food as vegetable beds, sapling fruit trees and compost heaps become the norm. [independent]

Renewable energy the potential to create thousands of jobs. In the face of Eskom’s moot to increase electricity tariffs by up to R9/kwh for high energy consumers (a huge leap from 25c/kwh), the DA has called for an urgent overhaul of the energy sector: a new Ministry of Energy and Climate Change, unbundling Eskom’s monopoly over production and generation of electricity, and meeting our 15% target for renewable energy introduction, addressing the skills shortage in SA. [moneyweb] [citizen]

Introducing a carbon tax not best way to cut carbon emissions in SA, says Deloitte. Research recently carried out by the firm into potential emission reduction methods indicated that the best way to reduce emissions in the country was by way of a cap-and-trade system. A carbon tax does nothing to incentivise much-needed behavioural changes. Nor would it allow for a more balanced energy policy in the future. [businessday]

Coca-Cola’s huge hybrid delivery fleet. Coca-Cola Enterprises, the largest bottler of Coke beverages, is more than doubling the size of its hybrid electric delivery fleet and will have 327 green trucks on the road in the U.S. and Canada. [greenbiz]