local news: sa to run out of surface water, first wildlife-friendly label, would you cycle 3000 km?

Submitted by sproutingforth on Wed, 2009-09-30 14:01

SA to run out of surface water Scientists who have recently done an update on a study on water resource availability in SA now warn that estimates given previously are not the true picture and that there is even less water available than estimated - 4% less, to be precise. If you consider that 98% of our water is already accounted for, that SA has become 2% hotter and 6% drier since the 1970s, a struggle for water could ensue. [cape times] via [treehugger] Also read 25 things you might not know about Water and Green your water

Cape no 1 in recycling The Western Cape is leading the country in terms of recycling waste material. This is due to tight space constraints and very limited access to dumping sites close to Cape Town... [cbn.co.za]

SA's first wildlife-friendly eco label – Fair Game. Later this year we will be able to choose eco labelled meat and fibre products... Just look out for the Fair Game™ Wildlife Friendly label. The eco label is a third party audited certification system for those farmers who comply with ethically and ecologically acceptable farming methods. [source: greenchoice newsletter]

Rob Zipplies to challenge Safricans to reduce their personal CO2 emissions Well known sustainability expert and editor of Bending the Curve, Rob Zipplies, in partnership with Project 90x2030, is going on a rather extensive journey of 3 000 kilometres, on an electric bicycle (from Ezee Bike). The reason is to raise awareness about Copenhagen and to get SA to adapt to unavoidable climate changes. [project90x2030]

Backsberg wine wins green again. The carbon neutral winery, Backsberg wine estate, has won the Mail & guardian Greening the Future award for the second year running. [wine.co.za]