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It's that time of the year again - and I can't quitecopyright:lil-inspirations.comcopyright:lil-inspirations.com believe how fast it seems to come around – when shopping malls start playing ‘white christmas’ and various renditions of christmas carols (thank goodness they’ve finally shelved Boney M) and, if you’re me, you just want to give the whole thing a miss, really!

But then that funny bug gets hold of you, and you’ve got a couple of nephews and a child to please, and they’re all starting to believe this bosh about Santa, and the looks on their faces when there are presents under the tree… And then there’s all that food and the various diets that manage to find their way to the shelves in their droves come January!

A number of the ‘green’ sites are calling for a ‘green Christmas’ and we've put together a green christmas guide based on the Friends of the Earth environmental campaign group's guide – apparently 3 million tonnes of waste is dumped over Christmas in the UK (we don’t even have those stats for SA!)

Here are a few green tips when buying:

• Send an e-card and save paper and carbon emissions!
• Buy your gifts at flea markets, antique jewellery and vintage shops for gifts that aren’t brand new
• Make your gifts – cakes, flavoured oils and chocolates are easy enough
• Give local, organic hampers – support the local farmers and local organic products like organic wine
• Re-use old wrapping paper and bags

And when eating:
• Buy seasonal, local produce and loose vegetables as opposed to pre-packed
• Avoid using disposable plates and cups (even though it’s tempting)
• Compost any vege leftovers

For more ideas, visit [Friends of the Earth]

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