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green news from around the world & SA today:
photo by flickrphoto by flickrThe Reva runs entirely on electricity and is the only electric car to come out of India. The company producing them has just received funding from the Global Environment Fund and Draper Fisher Jurveston, which should position them in the world’s electric car market. [Business techwhack]

Cape government goes green - okay, so it’s nothing radical, but it certainly sets the pace – 48 provincial Western Cape departments are to ‘green’ their offices by reducing energy and water consumption and recycling waste in a programme called ‘2Wise2Waste’. The provincial office in Dorp Street, Cape Town, will also launch an indigenous roof garden – way to go! What about the rest of the country? [IOL]

Whilst we’re on the ‘green’ track, why don’t we follow the example of Seattle and come up with a bicycle plan? Investing in bike trails and lanes, so that bicycle safety and usage are promoted would go a long way to making SA more green. [Treehugger]

And we need all the help we can get. In an article about how rich nations are placing a global warming burden on Africa, SA is sited as having one of the highest greenhouse gas emissions by African standards. [Alternet]

SA has agreed to peaceful nuclear-technology use in the signing of an international agreement - making it the only African country to have done so. [M&G]

Xerox comes up with erasable paper – they’re working on developing paper that will hold print for 16 hours and can then go back into the printer for re-use – cool, hey? That should reduce office waste! [Sustainablog]

A chilling research project in America, testing for man-made chemicals found in homes and offices in children, has found 49 chemicals suspected of causing cancer amongst others. [ecostreet]

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