less meat, less heat - animal agriculture and global warming

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The Humane Society International is pressing policymakers to address animal agriculture’s role in global warming during the UN conferences in Durban.

COP17, the United Nations’ climate change conference, opened this week with hopes for a global agreement that will stave off the most dangerous impacts of climate change.

Given animal agriculture’s significant contributions to the climate crisis (see this report), the Humane Society International believes that conference outcomes should include policies to reduce the animal agriculture sector’s greenhouse gas emissions.

check out the COPpuccino COP17 talks

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Richard Calland hosting COPpuccinoRichard Calland hosting COPpuccinoThe University of Cambridge Programme of Sustainable Leadership has created an "Oasis of fresh thinking and leadership for a low climate risk economy" just outside the ICC. Their COPpuccino talks are well worth tuning in for as they feature thought leaders with international profiles and international networks.

Guests have included: Christina Figueres (UNFCCC Executive Director), Kumi Naidoo (Greenpeace Executive Director), Stefan Raubenheimer (SouthSouthNorth), Laurence Brahm (The Himalayan Consensus).

The discussions are hosted by the astute Prof Richard Calland of IDASA and the media get to ask guests questions afterwards.

If you're not in Durban the COPpuccino talks are being recorded for viewing on

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what's sprouting this weekend

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weekend: 2 - 4th dec 2011weekend: 2 - 4th dec 2011

Tis the season for... COP GLOBAL DAY OF ACTION, night markets, local markets of all flavours and descriptions, and more green gatherings besides.

Here's our guide to a good, green weeked!


"Warm up" action for Global Day of Action In preparation for the mass march on the Global Day of Action tomorrow Saturday, December 3rd, the call has been made for a mass, non-violent, “warm-up” action today, Friday, December 2nd at 2pm. Demonstrate against the "Conference of Polluters" at Speakers’ Corner – Corner of Samora Machel and Bram Fisher. Read more here

The first MA KIT takes place this Friday afternoon in Claremont, Cape Town. Expect a chilled garden market with laughter and fun. Stalls of all sorts and tasty eats! For more information, click here

Gaia Food Market will be having the first of its Summer Nights markets this

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cop17: taking a "doo be doo" stand

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Zolani Mahola: Freshlyground "Taking a stand" for COP17. Are you?Zolani Mahola: Freshlyground "Taking a stand" for COP17. Are you?COP17 "Take a stand" with Freshlyground

Together we can create more awareness in order to drive a unified solution to Climate Change. Freshlyground have re-written the lyrics to their hit song "Doo Be Doo" especially for COP 17. Please share this new version of "Doo Be Doo - Take a Stand" across the country.

Blog about it, like it, tweet it, embed it, burn it, copy it, tell your local Radio station…. or just sing it! See below links to the new version.

1. Download the Song - FREE!

2. Download the Ringtone

3. Watch the Video

It’s easy to do knowing we all have the right to Take a Stand for free!

Zolani Mahola, lead singer of Freshlyground, and Leigh Wood, Producer of the youth program “It’s Up to US” on 50/50, co-wrote a new

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what if...? south africa in light of a new climate

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the fate of our planet?the fate of our planet?

South Africa is generally considered the leader on the African continent, but not always for the right reasons. While it is deliberated that SA is Africa’s economic and industrial powerhouse, it has come with a price – South Africa is by far the worst polluter and GHG (greenhouse gas) emitter on the continent.

Global climate change is possibly the greatest environmental challenge facing the world this century. But ‘global warming’ is really about the serious disruptions of the world’s weather and climate patterns including impacts on rainfall, extreme weather events and sea level rise, rather than just the temperature increase which may be considered moderate compared to other more severe effects.

It is largely regarded (and warned) that the developing world, especially Africa, will be

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the first multi-watt wind turbines to be built in SA

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Plans for locally manufactured multi-megawatt turbines: A milestone for our local green economy?

The intimidating size of the blade mould was obviousThe intimidating size of the blade mould was obvious

Last week marked the launch of I-WEC’s rotor blade workshop, together with Western Cape Economic Development MEC Alan Winde and Connect’d Cape Town. Now we will see for the first time in history wind turbine blades manufactured in our very own country. With the Western Cape government’s ambitious target for renewable energy at 15% by 2014, I guess it’s about time.

from the heart of the world: the elder brothers' warning

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From the Heart of the WorldFrom the Heart of the World

Exploding Cinema and Cafe Ganesh present another documovie screening this Wednesday, 30th November. From the Heart of the World: The Elder Brothers' Warning is being shown as part of this season's documentary screenings.

This beautiful, sobering documentary from 1990 carries a strong warning from a remote South American tribe that cautions us, the “younger brothers”, to give up our self-destructive ways and honour the planet, before it is too late.

After four centuries of seclusion

cop17 off to wobbly start, stakes high, occupy cop17

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Trans African Climate Caravan of HopeTrans African Climate Caravan of HopeThe 17th Conference of the Parties literally got off to a slow start yesterday, with Pres. Zuma arriving on Africa Time. There were also rumours of Canada backing out of the Kyoto Protocol before Christmas and fears of the Kyoto Protocol being "murdered on African soil". Will Occupy COP17 become a force to be reckoned with and dare you drink the water? More after the jump!

President Zuma urges a "balanced, fair and credible" outcome.
The Pres arrived over a half an hour late for the opening of COP17, with proceedings only getting underway by 10.41. "You have before you the responsibility to re-affirm the multilateral rules-based system undercut by the Kyoto Protocol," said Zuma. He warned that Africa is particularly vulnerable to climate change and called on delegates to

creating paradise in your garden

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Jenny Louw talks paradise gardens at Erin Hall as part of the series of Superfoods free talks.

Jenny Louw: horticulturist, garden designer and writerJenny Louw: horticulturist, garden designer and writer

Jenny Louw is the owner of a wonderful farm garden in Constantia that boasts a lush assortment of vegetables, fruits, flowers, birds, bugs and, of all things, weeds. She shares with us her passion for ‘toiling the soil’, emphasising that we too can succeed in creating our own garden paradise.

Picking and eating food straight from our own garden is a sensual experience that cannot be compared to buying food from the supermarket,’ Jenny believes.

A week or so ago she told an audience of around 300 about her dream of beautiful jungle cities, emphasising that bio-diversity is the key to creating a paradise.

Nature is my most truthful teacher,’ she explains. ‘I have learnt to embrace every caterpillar, every aphid as a respected part of my garden.

feathered friends & lucrative layers: part II

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National Geographic: OrpingtonNational Geographic: Orpington

Previously we gave you 10 great reasons to look into keeping your own urban chickens.

Now we take a look at some suitable home-range breeds, where to get them, and what you can expect to pay.

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