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Beauty Without Cruelty

Defending animal rights since 1975.
Beauty Without Cruelty educate about and fight animal exploitation in all guises.
Go to the website to download their free guide to BWC endorsed humane personal and household products, some of which...

BrentonBlue Organics

A wonderful selection of organic, natural or recycled products for him, her, the little people, the hairy children, the home & office. Also the Gauteng distributors for SoiL, treemendus, Terrabio and Aroma Dough.

The Marketplace - Local Goods Market

Nestled right on the banks of the Lourens River, amongst ancient Oaks and Camphor trees, lies Hathersage House - exclusive Wedding Function Venue and home to Hathersage wines. On this 300 year old estate you will find The Marketplace, a platform...

Giba Organics

We are an Organic and sustainable self sufficiency demonstration centre where we distribute and retail numerous "green" products. These include EarthBoxes, Wormeries, Composters, Organic growing mediums, Fruit trees, Vegetable seedlings and much...

Green Life store

It only takes one person to change the world - it's as simple as changing your mind.
Take your first deep breath to clean air and decide today that the world you want to live in is
devoid of pollution, rivers run clean, everyone...

Sonja Smith Funeral Group

Green Funerals, using environmentally friendly Natural Woven Products.
Each one of our environmentally friendly Seagrass, Cocostick and Loom coffins has been intricately hand woven by skilled basket makers making each coffin unique, special...

Collinge & Co

Collinge & Co. offers an alternative to the standard burial – ECO-FRIENDLY FUNERALS.

If you opt for an eco-friendly funeral, we will utilise a raw pine coffin to prepare the deceased in. A coffin made of raw pine has minimal impact...

Green Living

We are inviting you, the Green producer / manufacturer / supplier, to promote and sell your product by placing your Green Product in our permanent GREEN EXHIBITION! We intend to use our websites, the media and Green Events to attract many...



e-clear the patented “natural freshwater oxygen” process - 100% Chlorine free, salt free, toxic free, bacteria free water purification technology for whole...


E3 supplies a range of environmentally positive products and services to a diverse client base across East and Southern Africa. Based in Africa we are a local company with local knowledge and are acutely aware of its challenges: including...

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