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Nature Fresh

Produce an extensive product range of natural, chemical free products, including some with organically sourced ingredients including wild harvested olive leaf, artemesia and rooibos.

The product range includes oral hygiene, parasite...

Sing Fefur Organic Herbs

We produce organic herbs, herbal teas, balms and tinctures. We produce and formulate all our products at the farm. We farm the herbs ourselves and have strictly organic and biodynamic methods for the last 25 years. Many of our mixtures contain...

PhytoSun - Organix

We produce a comprehensive range of 100% organic herbal tinctures including african potato, alfalfa, calendula, chamomile, dandelion root, echinacea root, elderflower, feverfew, goldenrod, gotu kola, horehound, melissa, milk thistle, nettle root,...

Fruits & Roots Bryanston

Health food store with a large selection of dried fruits, nuts, dried legumes, grains and other healthy cooking ingredients. Spices, international condiments and tonics.
Products include fresh nut butters, tofu, seaweed, green teas, rice...

The Drugless Apothecary

A health shop franchise that includes their own organically grown range of herbal tinctures in de-natured alcohol.

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