PowerPlastics Pool Covers

CT: Carolyn Idas JHB: Brad Corbi
telephone number 0860 268377
cellphone number 021 703 4864
physical address 11 Harris Drive , Ottery, Cape Town, 7808
postal address Shop 2 Wetherleys Decor Park, 7 Precision St, KyaSands, JHB

PowerPlastics Pool Covers is SA's oldest specialist manufacturer of swimming pool covers. Applying our insight and local awareness, we manufacture a range of affordable eco-savvy covers that lessen a pool's environmental impact. Our pool covers allow for significant household savings too.
Our range includes the new EnergyGuard cover, a product that reduces evaporation (by 90%), reduces backwashing and limits algae growth - allowing for less chemical use. Filtration times (and electricity bills) are halved with an EnergyGuard.

Also popular is our Sol+Guard cover. With excellent heat retention properties, pool water is up to 8°C warmer and swimming seasons are extended.
We also manufacture solid child safety covers and rollup stations.
PowerPlastics Pool Covers are based in the Western Cape and Gauteng with a national reach via a wide dealer network. We help pool owners make wise environmental and financial choices for their pools, without compromising on family enjoyment.