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Submitted by incoming on Fri, 2011-09-30 09:53

Incoming from Uncle Al:

"24 Hours of Reality taught many important lessons. One of them is this: If you care about the climate crisis, you're not alone.

The live broadcast had over 8.6 million views - and that doesn't count people who watched in large groups, who watched on broadcast television or who tuned in to our video library after the event. But it's still not enough. The 23 people who gave presentations with me in September are more than just activists. They are Climate Presenters I personally trained to talk about the climate crisis in their communities. And there are more than just 23. There are over 3,000.

Bring this presentation to your hometown: Invite a Climate Presenter to deliver a free presentation in your community.

Between October 1 and November 28, the kickoff date for COP 17 - a United Nations conference on climate change - we want to give as many Climate Reality presentations in as many locations around the world as possible. We will create a world map to show the requests we receive. We want to take that map to COP 17 in Durban, South Africa to show our leaders the reality that the public does care about this crisis and demands bold action toward solutions.

Here's how it works. Think about where you'd like to host a presentation: Can you use a school auditorium? Do you attend a monthly community meeting? Get a group together to attend. Then use our "request a presentation" tool to get in touch with a Climate Presenter.

Al Gore
Founder and Chairman
The Climate Reality Project