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pic: list of clever comebacks on wearing cloth nappies I can count on one hand the number of people who literally wrinkle up their noses when they hear that I’m a cloth nappy devotee. Not my fellow nappy changers so much, no, they’re full of admiration – although they wouldn’t consider going that route themselves. The reasons are many: too smelly, too much work, too much bother, too old-fashioned, too leaky, too messy, too (fill in whatever strikes your fancy).

Have you ever walked past a bin full of disposable nappies – seriously, have you stopped to take a good whiff of all that poo and chemicals? Do you really think that a bucket full of slightly stained, soaking cloth nappies could possibly give off quite the same stench?

I’m not going to get radical and start mentioning the why’s and the wherefores of cloth nappies here – we all know about the hundreds of years it takes for a disposable to decompose and the questionable chemicals used in the production of disposables. [mothernatureproducts]

Instead, I came upon an ingenious list of clever quips to comeback at the wrinkled noses and smug poses of those who buy disposables without taking into consideration the incredibly negative effect on the environment:

• Yes, it’s a pain to haul them down to the river and beat them against rocks, but it’s worth it
• Well, I’ve saved about R12 000 in the first two years so I’m sitting pretty [stegi nappy]
• I don’t know it just seems silly to me to wrap about R80 a week in a plastic rubbish bag and throw it away… but maybe that’s just me
• What do you mean you don’t have time for it? You don’t have time to change your baby?
• Oh right, washing poo off of cloth nappies is an inconvenience but if we don’t then we have to wash poo off clothing, crib sheets, car seats, carpets, couches etc because of leaky disposables. I think I picked the easier path
• Well, nappy duty is never fun but I sleep well at night knowing my choice doesn’t involve thousands of kilograms of poo wrapped in paper and plastic and stuck in landfill for hundreds of years to come
• Would YOU want to wear paper underwear?
• Oh, we’ve just chosen a more natural, less chemically produced, lazily dependent upon modern conveniences style of parenting, that’s all
• She has a big bum did you say? Well, SHE is wearing a cloth diaper under her clothing? What is your excuse?
• I wouldn’t wear a portable toilet on my backside, so neither do my children
• Disposable nappies are the definition of wasteful, and we don’t want to start our baby’s life that way []

For more information about more modern cloth nappies see [stegi nappy], [bio baba] and [mothernatureproducts]

Why you should seriously consider taking the cloth nappy route [mothernatureproducts]

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