the lorax: great kid's animation movie with a green message!

Submitted by ConsciousBabe on Wed, 2012-04-25 13:48

The latest animation movie for kids proves to have a strong green conscience.

Showing at local cinemas now!Showing at local cinemas now!

If you've never read the book by Dr Seuss - complete with it's fun rhymes and zaney humour - you can now watch The Lorax on big screen! With incredible animation effects by Illumination Entertainment (the guys who brought us Despicable Me) and voices from the likes of Danny DeVito and Zac Efron, you will find yourself touched by the simple story that shows how greed can lead to the demise of nature.

The Lorax himself is a bizarre little creature with a large yellow moustache who claims to 'speak for the trees, for the trees have no tongues' - cute or what?

Set in a future that has only mechanical trees and air has to be paid for because the pollution is so bad, a kid called Ted has a crush on a girl who wishes only to have a real tree.

So, upon hearing from his grandmother about the Once-ler - an ominous character far out a town - Ted braves the polluted outskirts in order to find out what happened to all the trees.

Original artwork from the bookOriginal artwork from the book

After some coaxing, the Once-ler begins his sad tale: leaving home to seek his future, the Once-ler in his youth sought the perfect stuff to make with his invention - the Thneed, which everybody needs. He finds this in the soft furry substance that grows on the Truffula Tree, but is confronted by The Lorax when he attempts to fell these trees in the name of his business.

The story follows the inevitable destruction of nature due to typical capitalist ways (despite the pleas of The Lorax) and hence eventually the town where Ted lives had to be built to protect people from the polluted wastelands the world has become. I won't give everything away, but let's just say good overcomes evil and nature is nurtured back to life once more.

I'll admit, I shed a tear, especially at the part where everyone in the movie was singing a little number about planting a seed. A powerful and relevant message portrayed in a lovely, fun way - thanks to the genius of the wonderful Dr Seuss - The Lorax is a must-see for all kids at a time where Green Revolutuion is necessary.

Another super cool thing about this film is The Lorax Project which is working to protect forests and endangered species!