Wellness Warehouse

telephone number 021 464 5142
fax number 021 462 5233

Wellness Warehouse is the very first SA retailer to provide the widest range of wellness products and services in a single destination.

We believe in keeping packaging to a minimum to avoid overuse of landfills.

We offer recyclable jute carry bags as an opportunity to protect the environment. We have chosen brown paper carry bags as they biodegrade more rapidly and can be recycled. Planting trees is a positive way to replenish our resources.

We support organic food; this means food that is grown without harmful synthetic pesticides, herbicides or fertilisers. All our organic produce is endorsed by recognised certification bodies and subject to strict rules for handling, processing, packaging, transport and storage.

We endorse farming practices that work in harmony with nature and protect soil integrity. Our organic products are sun ripened, not artificially ripened. We prefer products without preservatives or artificial colourants. We support ethical practices and fair trade agreements

animal friendly
Organically raised animals have free movement in free range open air areas, they are not caged and sufficient fresh air and natural daylight is available.

We don’t believe in using growth hormones, artificial meat tenderisers, preservatives or colourants. Animals are grain fed or fed organically. We support products that aren’t tested on animals.