nuclear power to get a caning

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I wish the above read "nuclear power to get a canning", but it seems the government's nuclear plans will not be abandoned without a fight from concerned citizens, NGO's and community groups. Enter CANE - the Coalition Against Nuclear Energy, a group that is banding together to do something about Eskom's intended rollout of 10 new conventional nuclear reactors and its long-term plan to rollout 24 Pebble Bed Modular reactors on several sites around the country.

Those in the coalition are concerned about the unnecessary and heavily subsidised costs, nuclear safety and the unsolved problem of long-term spent fuel storage.

Seven sites have been chosen for new nuclear reactors in the Northern, Western and Eastern Cape, while Pelindaba in the North West Province has been offered nuclear enrichment facilities, nuclear fuel fabrication and nuclear smelter plants. Various areas around the country have been identified for... uranium prospecting and mining, including vast tracts of the Karoo and the Magaliesburg.

"We believe we have to oppose this unilateral decision on the part of the Cabinet to determine a radioactive future for us all. Ordinary communities need to be heard and our Constitutional rights -- especially our right to an environment free of radioactive pollution - must be respected – not eroded", said a statement by CANE.

"We do not support construction of new nuclear reactors as a means of addressing the climate crisis. Available renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies are faster, cheaper, safer and cleaner strategies for reducing greenhouse emissions than nuclear power."

Add your voice to those mentioned below by visiting the CANE website and join together against a nuclear future for South Africa.

BANG - Bantamsklip Anti-Nuclear Group - spokesman Mike Duerr
KANG - Kouga Anti-Nuclear Group
FAST - For A Safer Tomorrow (Thyspunt area) + Ryan Donnelly Tel: 042 2941176 and Daniel Reinecke Tel: 0844 0844 08
NAGO - Namkwaland Organisasie vir die Gemeenskap en die Omgewing spokesman Andy Pienaar Tel: 027 821 1546 / 084 460 1490.
Northern Cape SANGOCO - coordinator Charmaine van der Heever
NiMBLE - Nelson Mandela Bay Local Environmentalists chairman Greg Smith Tel: 074 116 5509
Pelindaba Working Group – spokesperson Dominique Gilbert Tel: 083 740 4676
Eastern Cape Environmental Network – spokesperson Ingela Richardson Tel: 043 740 3776
Public Environmental Arbiters - spokesperson Mariette Leifferink Tel: 011 781 6152
Koesterfontein Action Group (Magaliesburg) - spokesperson Mitchell Krog Tel: 072 495 7257
Sustainable Energy Africa - Director Leila Mohamed Tel: 027-217023622 / 083-789 2923
East Coast, KZN North Residents - Malcolm Molver Tel: 079 189 7143
Institute for Zero Waste in Africa - Muna Lakhani Tel: 031 202-4576
Biophile Magazine – Anthea Torr

Source: Sangonet

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