out with the old, in with the new

Submitted by turbosprout on Thu, 2009-01-08 21:00

eco fireworks?eco fireworks?After an extended and much needed break the sprouts are now back at the sprout-cave. Well kinda. We're still doing a bit of belated spring cleaning, rearranging, gearing up and and generally getting ready to go forth and conquer in 2009. Hope you had a good break too and that you're all revved up for a great year!

2008 is history and it disappeared in a blink. These are the 10 most popular reads on urban sprout last year, just in case you missed them.

SA's electric car, Joule - Official pics. Our own electric car is unveiled at the Paris Motor show. This was in my opinion one of the coolest things to happen last year. Let's all hold thumbs Optimal Energy gets the investment required to start mass production. I'd love to have one of these baby's parked in my garage circa 2011.

Darling wind farm powers up. Seems like eons ago we first blogged about the Darling Wind Farm, but it only took around two years to get them up and running. Eskom could (and should) learn a thing or two about wind-powered energy from these guys.

Four top edible garden growers. If 2007 was the year the Worm Bin first became popular in SA, 2008 was definitely the year to start growing your own. Or have someone else do it for you. Enter edible garden services.

Cape Town recycling in crisis. Whilst the City's kerb-side recycling stalled in a number of areas due to difficulties with contractors, it at least seems like a success for the Atlantic West Coast / Pinelands areas. 2008 also saw recycling NPO Fairest Cape as well as Footprints close their doors. Ironic when interest by consumers in recycling is at an all time high, evidenced by private recycling collection services springing up in Cape Town and Joburg.

Solar powered gyrocopter out of Plumstead. There are a few cool things about Plumstead, one is that it's the home of urban sprout. Another is that it's the birthplace of the solar powered gyrocopter. Still a while before we see these taking to the skies, but we can always hope...

How would you like Eskom to pay you for a change. On a rare occassion parliamentarians from the IFP, DA, ANC and ID stand together in favour of a feed-in tariff for private power producers to be able to sell renewable electricity back to the grid (REFIT). Unsurprisingly Eskom still tries to put a spanner in the works, but we'll see as the Feb deadline draws near.

Spekboom soaks up CO2. Who would have guessed this would have been in the top 10. Must be a lot of farmers out there searching for a way to earn carbon credits?

The food crisis is here. Things are looking a bit better nowadays, with good rains, the petrol price dropping and the interest rates coming down marginally. So how come the food prices never come down? Our industrial food system is indeed still in crisis, with bread price collusion recently making headlines again. I'm sure these giant food corporations smirk when the competition commission fines them a paltry 6% of turnover.

When the waves hit Cape Town. Recent storm warnings for KZN highlight that global warming will indeed affect SA's coastal cities. We spent a few days in Balito last year and noticed not just one timeshare complex lapped by the waves.

Peak oil theory debunked. Peak what? Now that oil is back at sub $50 dollar-a-barrel prices...