rawlicious - our top 5 recipes

Submitted by sproutingforth on Thu, 2009-08-06 10:08

Radically radish, the 2-tone sunrise smoothie, wild mushroom soup, brazil nut milk, Thai coleslaw and lemon tart with a twist (it's raw!) are what you can expect from Peter and Beryn Daniel's raw food recipe book entitled Rawlicious.

We fell on this book when it arrived. It really re-inspired us to eat more raw foods (we've always juiced and had smoothies and salads, but other dishes in Rawlicious are pretty enticing), particularly when I realised how easy some of the foods are to prepare.

It's brimming over with easy, delicious food that is healthy for you and goes a long way to...

explain the benefits of eating raw, how to sprout, and step-by-step recipes that make following them really simple. There are great pics too, which always sells a recipe book for me.

urban sprout's favourites are:

  • Cashew nut butter p88
  • Tomato sauce p137
  • Mock Mayo p139
  • Guacamole p 147
  • Sushi handrolls p165
  • Chocolate mousse p 203

Okay, we've selected 6 instead of 5 (so shoot me), but the chocolate mousse definitely deserves a mention. If you buy this recipe book for one recipe alone, then I can quite safely say that it's the chocolate mousse! This is the healthiest and the nummiest mousse you'll ever taste, and it has nothing to do with regular chocolate or eggs (I'm sure you're already hooked?)

We've not bought a dehydrator yet, so some of the recipes I'm dying to try – like essene bread, buckwheat-flax crackers, and breakfast muesli – will have to wait. But there is so much here to choose from that eating raw can easily become something you enjoy preparing.

There are smoothies, salads, breakfasts, nut milks (my life has changed since sampling almond milk!), sauces, dressings, snacks, simple meals and even raw versions of pizza, pasta and ravioli (don't anticipate any wheat products in this section, however).

My only reticence in eating raw is the use of imported super foods, like raw cacao, gogi berries etc. which have untold health benefits, but not a great carbon footprint. It would be wonderful if these could become South African versions. To their credit, the authors were quick to point out the benefits of local equivalents like gooseberries.

You can order the book online from the Superfoods website, or you can contact the team directly. If you order from the ethical co-op in Cape Town, then arrange to pick up your next box from the Constantia drop-off point, which is the Superfoods base, and you can pick up your edition from them.