urban legend - pax afrika

Submitted by sproutingforth on Mon, 2007-05-21 13:44

Pax Afrika is an unruly teen who just happens to have been chosen by the spirits of the Ancestors to save the world. And boy, does it need saving. The environment is ravaged by global warming and over-industrialisation, plants are virtually extinct and animals have mutated into nasty monster beasts. If that wasn’t bad enough, the evil corporate industrialist, Maximilian Malice, controls the city, forcing people to buy stuff and pretend to be happy. It’s up to Pax to solve the mystery of his missing dad, find the mythical lost city of URBO (or Universal Repository of Bio-Organisms, a travelling DNA library) and restore the future!

For more go to www.urbo.co.za and check out Pax in action every Friday on SABC3 at 3.30pm.

What inspired you to go eco? Pollution in iKapa is seriously out of control... It’s so bad that my little sister Teeter was born with only one eye, and you have to buy fresh air at special booths. Before me and my friends accidentally busted in on a secret plant garden grown by this cool old dude called Mushu, we didn’t even know what real plants looked like! Malice is totally out of control: he’s banned anything that even looks like nature from the city, so that people won’t remember what life was like before he came into power. But we’re gonna turn that around.

What is your convenient truth? Eating healthy organic veggies and fruit will stop you getting face mushrooms (the horrible skin condition caused by pollution and eating too many synthi-burgers).

What’s the greenest thing you’ve ever done? Searched the Dangerlands (the environmentally devastated area around iKapa) for plants to restore Mushu’s garden after Malice destroyed it. It was radical, cos plants are illegal in the city and we had to dodge Dangerlands monsters and Malice’s robot army! And we learned a lot about aloes and cycads and buchu.

What is your favourite food and where do you buy it? A double chocolicious synthi-sludge shake (but don’t tell my mom!). I know they’re totally artificial and gross, but soooo good. I’m trying to eat more fresh veggies and fruit.

Desert island scenario: what would you take with you? My hoverbike and my best friends, Keitu and T-Man. Keitu’s this programming genius and T-Man, well, let’s just say he’s a genius at getting into trouble. I have to rescue him a lot, but luckily I have the powers of the Ancestors to fall back on, which means I can control the weather and light, track animals, and run really fast, not to mention my great co-ords and, hang on, Keitu’s saying something… Haha, very funny, Keitu. She says I’m also very modest.

URBO is giving away packs of Namaqualand Daisy seeds from Silverhill Seeds, a nursery that specializes in indigenous plants. To win one of three packs, send an email with the answer to this easy question (what day is URBO on?) with your name, address and telephone number to: info@urbo.co.za.

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