world egg day under the spotlight - sign a petition

Submitted by sproutingforth on Thu, 2009-10-08 10:39

Demo at UCT campus on Friday 9 OctDemo at UCT campus on Friday 9 OctIt was only a few hours after we posted this story yesterday that Woolworths sent out the following sms – I'm sure you received it too:

    ”Celebrate World Egg Day with eggstra-special savings on Woolworths large free range eggs. Buy 12, get 6 free until 25 Oct.”

This morning we received a further press release from Compassion in World Farming SA (read on to sign their petitions), to let us know they are staging a demonstration this Friday, World Egg Day, at Jameson Plaza, UCT Main Campus between 12.30 -1.30pm.

“Women dressed in egg-yolk yellow swimsuits will spend their lunch hour inside cages, holding egg shaped placards, calling for an end to battery eggs in SA.

50% of eggs in the UK are currently free range, and in 2012 EU legislation will ban battery cages for egg laying hens, meanwhile....only 3% of eggs in South Africa are free range.  Why is this? 
World Egg Day is the perfect time to reflect on exactly what we are paying for with our hard-earned money, and exactly what we are eating when we sit down to that delicious egg breakfast.  Perhaps we should be asking why battery eggs are cheaper, instead of why free range eggs are more expensive? 
World Egg Day sees the launch of 2 petitions to all supermarkets & restaurants, calling for an end to battery eggs in cartons and as ingredients in our food.  The petitions will be available for signing, next to the cages.” (or sign them online below)

Use your consumer power and stop battery farming in South Africa! Sign the following two petitions:

To ALL supermarkets - asking them to STOP battery eggs.

For Woolworths customers - to Woolworths Top Management - asking them to live up to their signs, and stop using battery eggs in their food.